Google Stopped Trusting My Certificate Authority

Recently I noticed that when I visited my blog via HTTPS using the most recent version of chrome I received a scary message regarding my connection not being private and attacker trying to steal my data.  The issue only appeared when using Chrome, not Safari or Internet Explorer.  I assume that eventually this same issue will begin to affect other browsers as they implement the same change.


After some investigation I determined that Google had decided to distrust the certificate authority that I had used for my free certificate.  The CA that I had found a couple years ago, startssl, was accused of signing certificates for sites that had not authorized it.

SSL certificates and HTTPS are the present and future of the internet.  Unfortunately most SSL certificates cost hundreds of USD a year, which is a steep price for a private hobby server.  After research I found another site SSL For Free that provides free SSL certificates.  Thank you Colin Newcomer for your post How to Get a Free SSL Certificate.


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