Re-Numbering Pricing Procedures

Impact on Billing Output

SAP does not store subtotals from the pricing procedure but it does store the pricing conditions.  The standard output program from billing will load the current pricing procedure from the billing document in order to determine what subtotals are available, it will then load the pricing condition records for the billing document from table KONV.  SAP then calculates the value of subtotals based on the conditions that were loaded from table KONV.  If a subtotal, that is being printed, references a range of condition types that have moved then it will either print the wrong value or print no value at all.

If it is necessary to move a subtotal that is printed or move the condition records that are used to calculate it, then there is a possibility to modify user exit USEREXIT_PRINT_HEAD in program RV61AFZB to fix the subtotal prior to printing.

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